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Karma: The Sum Total Of What You Cling To And What You Resist

An 8 Module Program that can set you Free

Karma Completion addresses the root of all human suffering: identification with a separate self or ego. It enables you to break through the illusory entrapment of ego and experience a quantum awareness of reality. By dropping ego identification, you facilitate the realization of your true nature. This is accomplished by examining the shadow aspects of your personality and clearing out these blocks of ignorance with the help of various practices that complete your unfinished business. From the spaciousness that results, the light of non-dual awareness dawns and you establish a ground for true transformation to happen. Karma Completion is the key.

Karma is simply ignorance and long stored conditioning And you can complete it!

You Don’t Need The Karma Band-Aid

In the East, karma is often used as an excuse not to bother, as hey, it’s all predetermined anyway. It becomes the ego’s excuse to remain in suffering and not to initiate change. It becomes the justification for complacency.

And the truth is, in a certain context, life is pre-determined, as is your role in it, because from the perspective of the Buddha (or awareness) you truly are, that is dreaming this dream with all of its characters and contents, this is all a dream. And the good news is, this is actually what makes you free, because at the heart of everything, you are already the Buddha (awakened one) dreaming the play. You (and everyone else) are not just the character/s in the play or what in the east is called lila, you are the awareness at the very heart of creation. You simply have to wake up to see it.

It is true, that from the perspective of the character that you are acting out, (that you as awareness have dreamed up, as are all other characters), you have no real choice, the role is predetermined. You are effectively asleep and unconscious in your karmic patterns. So ultimately you have to see through the role to gain what is sometimes referred to as an absolute view: the view or perspective, the awareness of one who has seen through the blinders of ego identification and now experiences unconditioned awareness.

When you finally meet someone who helps you not only understand this intellectually, but actually experience this directly, you cease identifying as the mere character in the play and realize yourself as Buddha or awareness. From then on, real choice returns; no longer are you bound by the pre-written script of the play, recorded in the crystallized thoughts of karma which are stored throughout the energy lines (meridians) of the body.

On the highest level of understanding (from the absolute view of awareness) karma does not exist. In the relative world in which we live, however, bound by our identification with ego, which is the root of karma, it does indeed exist and it controls everything. Because of this, to realize the freedom that we are, we must free ourselves of the control karma has over us. We must free ourselves of the karmic matrix that rules everything by simply seeing through it in every moment. A difficult task, but not impossible.

So should you do battle with the ego? 

No, this will only keep it going. For whatever you resist, persists. It will only make the ego stronger. The answer is to artfully wake up and stay awake. And disciplining yourself to complete all of your stored karmic memory is the key, along with a daily meditation practice to continually nurture your awareness of your own true nature.

The Benefits of Karma Completion:

  • Increase your physical, mental and emotional well being
  • Safeguard your progeny from your negative patterns
  • Experience genuine free will
  • Be spontaneous versus compulsive
  • Cease suffering over your own suffering
  • Sail through your negative karma without attachment
  • Stop repeating the same negative situations
  • Make Peace with what cannot be changed
  • Make progress with what can be changed
  • Experience True Contentment & Feel Complete With Yourself
  • Transform Your Life Into A Source Of Joy For Yourself and Others
  • Saturate Your Life With Bliss and Clarity of Awareness
  • Freedom From the push and pull of desire and resistance