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I am very grateful that I could participate in the Core Empowerment retreat. With Paula’s form of ” tough love”, her sharpness and yet feminine compassion and guidance, I finally saw through the masks I have worn, which kept me from getting in touch with my heart. This retreat helped me to see and let go of the heaviest burden that I have been carrying for a long time regarding my father. Now I have the courage to face my father, my mother, and myself so that I can do my work peacefully. Moreover, I am no longer resisting the ego. Instead, I have found a way to cooperate with it by just noticing it. Attachment to ego versus living as awareness is only a fine line apart. I am inspired to watch it vigilantly and stay awake. Thanks Paula and Core Empowerment for letting me experience the tranquility of the source.

Vinita Surana

'I am in the zone' sums up the Core Empowerment retreat for me. In the zone of non-judgement, ease, compassion and love. Paula's teachings really made me unlearn and tore apart a lot of false layers. Simple yet hard hitting! Kudos to Megha and the entire team for this elevating experience! Must-do essential kind of a retreat!

Swapna Reddy

It's been great privilege to be part of this retreat. Initially I had reservations to take break from my hectic schedule but I am glad I made it. Every minute of the retreat was an eye opening experience. Thanks to Paula for making me understand 'who I am and what I want'. Now, I have guts to live my life the way it is. Truly empowering. Highly recommended retreat. Thanks to Megha and Rashminder for awesome hospitality.

Bhanu Mishra

I am a government employee. Exposure to high work pressures and life threatening situations over sustained periods had taken their toll, when I was advised by to undertake Core Empowerment. Here, all my issues were addressed and the difference was felt by me when I returned to work. I was much more balanced, my relationships both at work and at home were harmonious and cohesive. I would also make a special mention that I had an extraordinary long spell of depression which had only increased over time. After Core Empowerment I feel lively and positive. More importantly, I have now started laughing after years... unbelievable, but true. I strongly recommend this program for all those seeking to achieve higher goals and feel constrained for certain reasons. Also, relationship issues, traumas and regressive mental states get resolved spontaneously. The program is beyond words.

Richard Wang Meng

During the course my true love totally came out. And I finally found out my trauma is all dream. I began to laugh inside of me but still crying outside. Bliss came to me and I couldn’t feel my body. Paula helped me to see how my strong ego was cheating me all the time. I finally became free of this suffering and illusion. What I want to do is just gratitude. I want to thank everyone in the course even the whole world! The feeling is beyond the words..."

Preethi Rao

The 6 days of Core Empowerment workshop with Paula Horan has empowered me to the core. I have learnt to face my truth as it is & I have peeled layers of judgements about myself & others. Emptied my mind off the garbage load filling it with pure & compassionate love for the self & the world . It's truly empowering & transformational !!


Core Empowerment enabled me to see myself; to feel my courage enough to make the commitment to pursue my goals. Now I know I have the power to achieve them. Thanks Paula!


With Paula’s gentle and wise guidance, I have transformed my perspective on my life. She has shown me ways in which I can fully experience how to get in touch with wholeness. Working with Paula has deepened my awareness to truly enhance the quality of my life.

Jen Wang

From desire and resistance, key identities and their shadow aspects, from all of the ego’s tricks that Paula teaches as how to discern, we are released from any attachment or identification. Simply being aware, with humor! The truth is in the silence between thoughts. Paula is an amazing teacher who exudes wisdom and compassion, as she leads us through this substantial process. I have full trust in her. I thank the universe for allowing this to happen; how beautiful it is. Paula, thank you and love you deeply!

Sonia Chen

Dear Paula: I feel I am lucky to activate my spiritual enlightenment with you. You have helped me see that I am only awareness and freedom. Since the Core Empowerment Retreat, I enjoy my inner smile and being still. Thank you! I’ll always remember you and consciousness, existence and bliss. Best wishes to you! With love.


I am grateful for having the opportunity to participate in Core Empowerment. I can’t thank Paula enough because she helped me deal with the self-denial and the pressure I have allowed myself to carry, put on me by my family and society for the last 30 years. I understand now that it was my own choice, albeit unconscious. Core Empowerment has deepened my awareness, and really awakened me to embrace my life and everything without resistance. From now on, I will accept the circumstances of my daily life full of love and joy. Thanks again.


Core Empowerment is a very powerful retreat. It helped me go through the contradictory conditions that I have been carrying for a long time. It used to be so difficult to detach from these patterns. Each day Paula guided us to go further inside ourselves. This gradually helped me face myself honestly and clearly. Through the vehicles used in the retreat, I saw my thoughts, patterns, ego’s mind games, and finally who I really am. Freedom.


Paula is a teacher who can convey the sincerity and fierce innocence to face herself and reality. In a practical way, she has devoted herself to sharing her experience and is committed to evoking the transformation in others which will help in traversing this radically changing world. Her compassion and the firm gentle expression in her eyes, activated our intention to go deeper into awareness. Her great depth and life experience, her wisdom and discipline, and perfect pace kept us inspired throughout the retreat. She has the ability to witness ego’s attachment with detached mind and intuition. At the same time she evokes total trust and is willing to accompany us unconditionally with silence on the path. She continuously brushed every thought that came up in the moment until we all became seeds of awakening that crossed over beyond time and space. We are glowing with love and light in the universe. We live, like a poet, in this moment! Now, we sigh….


I have gratitude toward Paula for enabling me to feel the full blessing of the awareness that I am. It will never be forgotten. I was deeply moved by every moment of the retreat’s unfolding. Thanks so much for the love and joy you have brought to my life.


I am very pleased that I participated in the Core Empowerment retreat. It has broadened my horizon. It has also helped me to experience my own awareness on the deepest level and also provided many useful tools and skills to maintain this awareness. In the mean time, I am aware of the many things I can just let go of in every moment, but I also trust that whatever arises is perfect. Thanks to this newfound ability to notice, I will remember to enjoy my life with awareness, and happily dance around the ego. Thanks again for bringing Core Empowerment here. You let me feel the compassion from deep inside of myself. I appreciate your love and caring and will pay it forward to others.