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The Alchemy of Awareness: Accomplishing Personal Mastery

After successfully climbing Mount Everest, Edmund Hillary stated: “It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” The key to joy, success, harmony and fulfillment lies in embracing the inner journey,which accompanies us to our outer destination; without this attention to our inner experience, we encounter undercurrents of unhappiness and a sense of incompleteness in our …Read More

Embrace The Heart of Your Inner Male & Female

What is inside of us is what manifests outside of us. The purpose of life is to unify every aspect of ourselves and bring it into full awareness. It then reflects in the outer world as universal harmony and equanimity leading to enlightenment. Every feature of our being emerges fromthe male and female aspect of …Read More

The Ancient Roots Of EFT

Since ancient times, in several of the world’s spiritual traditions, there have been pressure point techniques to clear karmic blocks held in the energy body. Much before the advent of EFT, which clears 90% of all physical and emotional pain, yogis and yoginis sought to clear blocked energies called vasanas or samskaras, the memories of …Read More

Should You Fear Ebola?

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, ‘The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.’ This statementis more significant now than it has ever been in human history. Fear, panic & confusion rule our life and we are lead by the media to constantly search for safety as it goads us evermore into a deep …Read More

Longevity Through The Five Elements

Did you know that there is a simple way to both oxygenate your body giving it much needed energy, which takes away the environment for cancer to happen, while simultaneously oxidizingall virus, fungi and anaerobes (such as cancer) without side effects? It also has the effect of an aerobic workout that is especially good for …Read More

Clear Your Ancestral Patterns

Our DNA carry the record of the challenges our ancestors had to face, yet these same patterns repeated today, often hinder our development and may cause us to act inappropriately. Due to Karmic proclivity, the tendency we have to attract people or situations who will mirror our own forms of contraction, so that we face …Read More

Cultivating Fierce Innocence

Learn how to cultivate Fierce Innocence and erase your fear as Paula and Rashminder Kaur discuss the main theme of Paula’s latest book, Fierce Innocence, which is the essential way to experience ourselves directly, as we use a self directed ferociousness to cut through the ego’s unconscious clinging and resistance and bring ourselves home to …Read More

Experience Your Wisdom Mind with Judith Simmer-Brown

Are you are still seeking outside of yourself for answers, but deep down you suspect that they are right there inside of you? The truth is, each one of us has the wisdom to do what is appropriate in every moment. The answers are in each of us within the spaciousness of wisdom mind, the …Read More

Genpo Roshi – East and West Meeting Like Two Arrows In Mid-Air

Today, get ready to take a dive into the depths of your awareness and simultaneously soar to the heights of spaciousness! Dr. Paula Horan interviews American Zen Master D. Genpo Merzel, also known as Genpo Roshi, the originator of the Big Mind process, which helps bring participants to their first Satori experience, a sense of Oneness …Read More

Bob Thurman: The Four Key Enemies To Happiness

Have you ever wondered how to attract genuine happiness in your life, and simultaneously subdue the habitual tendencies that keep negativity in place? Today, Robert Thurman, former monk and co-founder of Tibet House, will share insights from his new book, co-authored with Sharon Salzberg: Love Your Enemies: It will Drive Them Crazy, How To Break …Read More