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A Serious Need For Constant Detoxification

My predominant concern for all beings on the planet is to clear our karmic proclivities, and to create an opening for dropping fear and returning to our natural state. Health problems are exacerbated by the toxicity in our environment and emotions, the build up of which quite literally proves fatal.Pollution of various kinds has inundated the environment, making preventative health care of primary importance. This page is intended to help people who realize the need for serious detoxification and are seeking further information to help heal existing conditions and to prevent further complications from taking hold.


The cancer rate, has already shot up 265% in these countries. The fact is, with a little research online, you can find picture of deformed babies of both the soldiers who have occupied these countries and of the general populace. Meanwhile on the West Coast of North America, in both the Seattle and Vancouver area (which receives the brunt of the jet stream straight from Japan), the infant mortality rate is reportedly up 45% in the past year. The California rate is up 35%. In addition, 100,000 more Americans died last year than the national average. Some scientists say this is also due to the effects of the radiation.

According to scientists, the worst fallout from Fukushima affected all of Northern Japan, and then was quickly carried by the jet stream to the entire West Coast of North America where it blended with the unusually violent wind and rain storms which began mysteriously the day after the accident and continued for two weeks. This caused the radioactive particles to be absorbed by the rain and dumped for two weeks onto the entire west coast of North America from B.C. in Canada down to Mexico, saturating a major portion of the bread basket of North AmIt is important to note, that in Chernobyl, there was only one small reactor, about ½ the size of each of the 10 reactors in Fukushima, four of which blew up in the first week, high into the ionosphere, spreading radiation quickly around the Entire Northern Hemisphere.

Radiation Overload

After the Chernobyl disaster, the damaged reactor was completely covered and encased with boron the very next day by the Russians to immediately stop the dangerous fission reaction. None of this has been done in Fukushima, which for almost two years, as mentioned above, has continued to emit high levels of radiation into the air, and from underneath the cracked reactors, into the Pacific Ocean.

It was mentioned in the papers, the first week after the disaster, that the American government would send boron. One must ask, why wasn’t this ever done? To those who read this, I suggest you do your own research and reach your own conclusions. Suffice it to say, I would not place the responsibility for the continued results of this disaster entirely on the Japanese.

The high degree of radiation encircling the planet could be seen and monitored on a daily basis on www.enenews.co (short for energy news), until May 13th2011, from a Scandinavian station, which is one of several which monitor radiation levels on this planet. According to one Canadian who followed the progress of the Fukushima disaster on a daily basis, the radiation levels increased dramatically on that day. Since then, the thermographic maps have not been so readily available for public scrutiny.

In addition, since Fukushima, several governments have raised the amount of radiation which is supposed to be “safe”as part of the cover up. The fact remains, however, according to scientists who are willing to tell the truth, no amount of nuclear radiation is safe.

Say No to vaccinations

At about age thirteen I developed grandma epilepsy which was traced to some vaccinations I had received as an infant. My own interest in health started at about age thirteen when I developed grand mal epilepsy as a result of physical reactions to all of the vaccinations I received as a child. It is old news that almost one million American children are now autistic due to the deleterious effects of vaccines. Countless others have died from sudden infant death syndrome, also due to vaccinations. In me the vaccines also damaged my reproductive system irreversibly, making it impossible for me to have children.

Ask yourself why vaccinations, especially in so called developing nations are being so aggressively promoted by the medical profession? What is it they have to gain? Do your own research. You might come up with some interesting answers.

The Bottomline

The general public is not being informed in the media of the true state of affairs and what is really going on.In a nutshell, the chemicals used in agriculture and medicine are killing us. Whether it is the pollution caused by all of the lipotropic (fat soluble) drugs people have taken in the last 30 years which they have urinated back into the city water supplies to be “taken” once again by unsuspecting fellow city dwellers, which for example has caused men to imbibe birth control pills causing decreased sperm counts, or the pesticides and now dangerous genetically engineered food which is not labeled, either way, special care must be taken to retain ones health.

It is critical to educate yourself and do the needful to keep your body as clean as possible from the accumulation of radiation in your body.I could go on and on based on my findings but it is really up to each individual to do their own research, to take full responsibility for your own health and well being and not depend on outside sources.

What Are Oxygen Healing Therapies and Why Do They Work?

The term oxygen healing therapies refers to a variety of treatment forms either applied separately or in combination that seek to promote health and wellbeing by suffusing the body with much needed extra oxygen.  These approaches are highly effective as oxygen deficiency in the body is without doubt one of the main causes (probably even the major cause) in the formation of all degenerative conditions.  As Dr. Albert Wahl so aptly stated:

“Simply put, disease is due to a deficiency in the body’s oxidation process leading to an accumulation of toxins.  These toxins would ordinarily be burned in normal metabolic functioning.”

Indeed, Dr. Otto von Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine twice for his research that proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that the main or primary cause for cancer (which means all other causes are secondary) is lack of oxygen to the cells.  Cancer cells are anaerobic and can thus only survive in a fermented low oxygen environment.  If eliminate sugar from the diet (which feeds fermentation) and introduce tri-atomic oxygen or ozone to the body the environment is changed and thus the breeding ground for the disease eliminated.

Dr. Stephen Levin concurs and adds:

“In all serious disease states we find a concomitant low oxygen state… Lack of oxygen in the tissues is the fundamental cause for all degenerative diseases.”

That this must be so, we only need to remember the simple fact that even more than water, oxygen is the single most important nutrient in the body. Our bodies can survive without food for much longer than we would commonly assume. It can even tolerate lack of fluid intake for several days. However, without oxygen it will stop functioning within the short span of a few minutes.

From this we can easily deduct that proper oxygenation automatically supports all cellular functions, which in turn support the proper function of tissues, organs and organ systems.  Thus, the various techniques used in oxygen healing therapies are ideal for detoxifying and rejuvenating the entire body, and by proxy also the mind.

What Is Chelation Therapy?

Chelation which means “clawing”, describes the process that happens when a special combination of an amino-acid (EDTA) plus minerals and vitamins are introduced to the body. The metal ions in the heavy metal deposits in the body react with the EDTA and are, in effect, “clawed” from the walls of the arterial system to chelate and be expelled from the system and expelled. The best image that comes to mind, is that of the chelation fluid suffusing the blood stream and sending out its agents, which then “grab” harmful toxins, thus forcing them out.

Chelation therapy is indicated especially for the purpose of rejuvenation, to help vitalize and free the circulatory system of any factors that cause undue stress. The treatment is successful when it is applied according to protocol and with the necessary safeguard of constant kidney monitoring. The client can expect a dissipation of the typical symptoms associated with clogged blood vessels, such as shortness of breath, chest pain and signs of premature aging. Patients generally experience improvement in heart function, better breathing, more supple skin, and often a return of grey hair to its natural color.

In most cases, chelation is also a very cost-effective and non-invasive alternative to bypass surgery.

What Ozone or Tri-Atomic Oxygen Can Achieve

Due to ozone’s ability to detoxify, cleanse and enhance life, it acts as a broad-spectrum agent in positively affecting human health. Unlike simple oxygen tri-atomic oxygen has the capacity to oxidize toxins, which gives it its ability to act as a broad-spectrum treatment, killing viruses, destroying bacteria, and eliminating fungi. In addition, ozone produces important benefits within the human body, including the oxygenation of blood, improved circulation, and the ability to stimulate the oxygen producing mechanism in human tissues. For these reasons, and for its ability to act as an important immune-regulator, the range of human health problems that respond favorably to ozone therapy is very broad.

Apart from its therapeutic effects when applied according to specific established protocols for maintaining health, its most beneficial effect is probably that it refreshes and rejuvenates the entire body/mind system and eliminates the all too common feeling of chronic fatigue (the direct result of toxic overload), from which so many people suffer in this day and age. Oxygen healing therapies are great energy boosters.