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Books and CD’s


HeartBreath CD

Heartbreath is a contemporary rendering of ancient practices which prepare the mind to accept major growth and change. When performed on a daily basis, they evoke a sense of patience and call forth the awareness to support Heartbreath, a form of Tonglen with the earth. 4 mini-practices are introduced which can be used throughout the day.

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Fierce Innocence
This book offers a heart-filled and radical departure from the usual self-help books that attempt to assist you by mentally repairing your problems. Fierce Innocence shows you instead, how to drop the “problem” mind itself, the one which sees everything through a filter of fear. In an easy step-by-step process, we learn how to use the ferocious energy of tough love on ourselves, to cut through the habitual clinging to the imaginary fearful one, as Paula conveys her heartfelt and totally practical method for calling your attention to the moment, to the clarity of an open heart, no longer in fear of vulnerability.
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Exploring Reiki: 108 Questions And Answers
Exploring Reiki introduces this increasingly popular form of hands-on healing by answering the 108 most often-asked questions relating to its practice in commonsense, reader-friendly language. It covers all the practical issues a complete beginner would want to know about while still providing an in-depth and all-round presentation. As a result, Exploring Reiki is as helpful to the curious browser who wishes to get first hand information from an experienced practitioner as it is to the experienced initiate with questions about a particular aspect of this subtle art of healing.

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Empowerment Reiki

Empowerment Through Reiki
Reiki is a Japanese term which means “universal life energy” -i.e. the energy that lives in all creation, that is inherent to all living beings and that nourishes them and keeps them alive. This book describes exactly how Reiki energy works, the way it can be used and the effects that can be achieved with its help. It is one of the bestselling books giving a wonderful introduction and understanding of Reiki along with lot of information on emotions and well being. It is considered a must have by Reiki practitioners.

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Abundance Reiki

Abundance Through Reiki: The 42-day Program To Absolute Fulfillment
A book that goes right to the core of your abundance issues. A timeless jewel, full of insights for the Golden Age of Now. Abundance Through Reiki is a powerful, poetic evocation of true Self and Universal Life Force Energy. At the heart of the book are 42 steps from Core Self to Core Abundance, creating richness within and without. They are presented in detail in the form of two very different, finely tuned 21-day abundance plans, taking you on an exploration of some of your belief patterns, which keep you from experiencing all the things you need or desire in your life.

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The Ultimate Reiki Touch: Initiation and Self-Exploration As Tools for Healing
The Ultimate Reiki Touch exposes the root cause of stress and all disease and supplies the tools for successful stress management with the help of the Usui System of Natural Healing. Based on the authors 22 years of experience as a Reiki teacher, and her more recent work with the ancient esoteric roots of Reiki, the importance of taking responsibility not only for your own health and well-being, but for your entire life, is emphasized. With instructions for exploring specific themes through spontaneous writing practice and a daily journal that promotes greater self-awareness, the book helps liberate you from the bondage of blaming others or outside circumstances, and empowers you to fully take charge and feel good about yourself and your achievements.

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9 Principles Healing

The 9 Principles of Self-Healing-the 40-Day Program to Absolute Wellness
Paula Horan & Narayan Choyin Dorje
The 9 Principles of Self-Healing provides us with a tool we can effectively use in times of great adversity. Using these principles we can discover for ourselves the best possible remedy to the challenges that each one of us inevitably has. Understanding these Principles and completing the the 40-Day Program will create self healing and wellness at all levels of our Being.

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CET Book

Core Empowerment
Core Empowerment is a very valuable gift for you from Paula Horan, introducing you to the world on Non Dual Awareness. If you turn this book into a friend and companion and start interacting with it intimately, you will uncover a veritable and vast treasure trove for yourself. You will experience not only relief from suffering but positive physical and psychological well-being, peace, happiness and abundance. A kind of spontaneous liberation can occur making you feel refreshed and exhilarated, putting you in direct touch with the power of the heart. It has many practices and exercise to expand your awareness and access the realm of pure potential.

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Oxygen book

Heal Yourself With Ozone
Heal Yourself With Oxygen is the first book about oxygen-based approaches to healing and environmental protection to be released in India. Written in simple language, this book gives a detailed overview of the healing properties of ozone, O3 or tri-atomic oxygen`s almost limitless applicability that can benefit all of us and the environment alike. The book illustrates the history of Oxygen based therapies and benefits of Ozone treatment in medical context and also includes many case studies and other revealing information about Ozone therapy. The upcoming new edition also has a chapter on Ozone in Dentistry that includes introduction to new breakthroughs in dentistry and how oral well being is directly connected to our overall health condition.
(New Edition coming soon)

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